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86 N Broadway
Belgrade, Montana 59714


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A culturified and community building culinary collective delivering compelling experiences to bold diners. We fuse local produce, flavour composition and relaxed atmosphere to effect.

Kyle Quantrille, Owner of this fine establishment


*Add an arepa, fresh fruit, and salsa - $3
*AREPA = A grilled corn cake, like a thick tortilla.
*Add tomato soup and chips - $4

Tacos — 6.5 / 8 / 9.5

2/3/4 corn tortillas, pulled pork, scrambled eggs, mozzarella cheese, topped with fresh house made salsa.

Colombian — 9.5

A grilled arepa, eggs, ripe avocado, on top of fresh organic baby spinach.

El Grande Sandwich — 8.5

Eggs, chopped ham, pickled jalapeno, a spread of siracha aiole and melted cheese.

Breakfast Burrito — 6.5

A delicious mix of eggs, diced ham, cheese, and fresh salsa.

Breakfast Sandwich — 6.5

Bacon, egg, cheese, on an english muffin or butter croissant.

Turkey Bacon Avocado — 7

A local favorite! Layered turkey, fresh avocado, crisp bacon, and melted cheese served on a warm croissant.

Cubano — 8

Our version of a S. Florida classic. Seasoned pork, sliced ham, dill pickle, melted cheese, and yellow mustard, panini pressed on hogie style bread.

Green Chili Pork — 14

Pork shoulder slow cooked in house made green salsa, served with beans and rice, salsa, and 3 corn tortillas.

Lighter Fare

*No substitutions

Fruit Smoothie — 6.5

Strawberry, banana, pineapple, and honey blended with almond butter and almond milk.

Organic Green Smoothie — 6.5

Spinach, banana, and honey blended with almond butter and almond milk.

Yogurt & Granola Parfait — 7.5

Organic greek yogurt, vanilla cluster granola, and fresh fruit.

Havana Salad — 9.5

Organic baby spinach, romaine, diced apple, shredded mozzarella. Topped with a grilled arepa, avocado, hard boiled egg, and our house made vinaigrette. Add Chopped Chicken or Sausage ($3)

Havana Tomato Soup — 10

Our signature soup that will rival all others. Served with a mozzarella quesadilla.


Soup — 4

Salad — 4.5

Fruit — 2.5

Avocado — 2

Quesadilla — 4.5

Salsa — 0.75

Arepa — 2

Rice — 2.5

Beans — 2.5

G/F Bread — 2



Specialty Drinks

Cafe Havana — 4 — 8 oz.

A cuban style blend of bold espresso, cream and raw organic cane sugar.

Coco Cloud — 5 — 16 oz.

Rich dark chocolate creme de cocoa

Cherry Ba-Bombabomb — 5 — 16 oz.

Chocolate covered cherry

Grasshopper — 5 — 16 oz.

Mint and chocolate

Flat White — 4.25 — 12 oz.

Equal parts espresso and microfoam

Mexican Mocha — 5 — 16 oz.

Dark chocolate with a hint of chipotle spice and a touch of alomond

Johnny Swirl — 5 — 16 oz.

Creamy caramel with chocolate

Snow Tiger — 5 — 16 oz.

White chocolate creaminess

Almond Fudge — 5 — 16 oz.

Chocolate and almond flavor

86 N Broadway
Belgrade, Montana 59714

P: +406 223 8720

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. Drop by anytime

We are open from 7:30am — 2pm [tues — fri] & 7:30am — 12pm [sat].


Catering & Special Events

We also offer customizable catering for your special events. You can even hold the event in our cozy cafe! Please reach out to Ramone for more information.